Audio-Technica AE5400 Condenser Microphone Review

I’m so glad for writing this review because it’s about a product I love using on stage. On NAVI‘s recommendation I bought this mic because I wanted something different and better than all mainstream mics out-there. On my first gig I noticed some interesting facts about this mic. First of all, my voice sounded great – with big emphasis on my low register but also bringing on the spotlight the highs and every small detail that I couldn’t express through other microphones I sang with, showing the true power of a condenser microphone. It has indeed a low handling noise and it feels so great in your hands. Just before i bought it, I went to a local music-shop downtown just to test this mic. Many years I used to sing on a SM58 and it felt great. It is the most common used mic, with some cool features. So in this music-shop i decided to make a comparison between SM58 and AE5400. With both mics set on the same EQ and same level, SM58 it nearly pulled out some voice while AE5400 had so much power and clarity. Also, the low-register and small sounds or breathing were spotted with AE5400 while SM58 didn’t succeeded on this task. Now, don’t get me wrong! SM58 is still a great mic. But it’s not that boomy, powerful and it doesn’t provide that amplitude unless you reach for some gain.


Of course, being a condenser microphone, it needs some phantom-power juice (48V), but when the setup it’s done you can bring your rock-star out of you. I also tested at home and realized that I can use it as a studio-mic for my home demos. Featuring the same capsule element as the AT4050 studio mic, it’s large-diaphragm gives you a clear and natural response. From Audio-Technica description you can find that “it handles high SPL’s and offers protection against plosives/sibilance without compromising high-frequency performance and clarity”. So yeah! You can use it both on stage or at home. I could say that this microphone sounds better than the CM25 studio-mic from Scarlett Studio Bundle package that I bought last year.


It comes with a leather pouch and a stand clamp. There’s nothing more to say about this mic rather than it worth every penny. I totally recommend it to everyone who wants a condenser mic with studio quality sound on stage.

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