“Beyonce” Album Review

So here we go again! Beyonce did it again and she learned us so many lessons about writing lyrics, stepping out of comfort zone, taking risks & doing crazy things. This is the first visual album which came out from nowhere – 17 videos & 14 songs, dropped on iTunes without any notice. This project seemed to be kept secret until release which is a great thing and proves us that Beyonce can do anything she wants to.



The album has the entire army of producers and guest appearance such as Pharrell (congrats for winning the Grammy’s best producer of the year), Timbaland, Drake or Jay-Z. It’s quite interesting to see Jay in a Beyonce song cause it’s been almost 11 years since “Crazy in Love” but let’s not talk symmetry. I’m the type of guy who doesn’t empathize with girls music but this album made me listening day & night, analyze it both as a producer and a listener just to find what’s making me so thrilled about this album.

Well for start it’s about Beyonce and her stepping out of comfort zone and just approaching a different vibe that sent you in that PBR&B zone (futuristic R&B) with electro influences. I mean, that’s the trend to go, right? Kanye did it! The Weeknd did it. Even Jay-Z tried that in his Magna Carta album.

On the other hand, this album is full of sensual vibes, sexual/erotic lyrics and a lot of B’s fantasies. I heard “Blow” and the groove made me say: “Oh! This is a funky song and here’s some neo-disco groove that reminds me of Marvin Gaye or smth”. And then there are the lyrics. It’s a song about oral sex. So i saw a Beyonce who’s past over songs about reaching your goals and just highlighting sex songs in some sick beats. In “Drunk in love”, Beyonce & Jay shows us that they can still keep the fire burning: “We woke up in the kitchen/Saying, ‘How in hell did this shit happen?'” Jay Z adds some Ike-and-Tina references as he and Queen B. start teasing each other from the front door: “Foreplay in the foyer, fucked up my Warhol” to the bathtub, where Beyonce says “Then I fill the tub up halfway then ride it with my surfboard”. And among sexual lines as “Can you lick my Skittles?”, there are social songs as well. “Flawless” begins with a speech from Nigerian feminist author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and “Blue” is a song about her love about her daughter. Blue Ivy can be heard at the end of the song. But let’s get back to naughty vibes, shall we?!

There’s a slow jam on the album, called “Rocket”. And i said ok! She’s getting serious now. But I was wrong: “Let me sit this ass on you” is the opening line. So it’s cool to see different sides of Beyonce, even the naughty ones. “Partition” is one of my favorite songs. It’s produced by The-Dream & Timbaland and is the kind of song that makes me think: “That’s the type of woman i want. I woman with this kind of attitude!”. So there is a video on Beyonce’s official YouTube channel and she explains how to song came out. She heard the beat and reminded of a fantasy where she and Jay get kind of rough in the back of the limousine. She has to warn the driver, “Driver roll up the partition please/I don’t need you seeing ‘Yonce on her knees.” And just before they reach to the club Beyonce describe us how she puts it, “He Monica Lewinsky’d all over my gown.” And there’s this crazy-shit experience that surrounds the song with lots of sexuality: “Oh he so horny, he want to fuck/ He bucked all my buttons, he ripped my blouse”, or when she says: “Handprints and footprints on my glass / Handprints and good grips all on my ass / Private show with the music blasting / He like to call me Peaches when we get this nasty / Red wine drip, talk that trash”.

All in all, Beyonce did a great job, she proves us the she can’t send us in the Beyonce-routine zone so she can be something new everytime, she can be sensual and she can be a mother in top of all. And how she loss weight si quickly? It’s amazing! And soeaking of singwriting: those songs learns us to be creative and shameless. We have to surprise people and deliver a feeling, right?! Go & get this album!

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